1. Acceptance of terms of use and amendments

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2. Our services

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RAEBET.com is a website that provides access to useful information for sports events, specializing in expert opinions on the possible outcomes of sports events (the "Tip" or "Tips"). A Tip may include (1) the appropriate types of bets available from independent gaming sites; and (2) the best odds available from such gaming sites.

In connection with the Tips, we do not accept any wages or stakes. You cannot bet on our Site. While you can buy Tips on this Site, the purchase price is only for the opinion presented in the Tip, and does not depend on the odds or actual outcome of the sporting event. We do not pay out any winnings and take no risk or position on the results of the event. It is your sole responsibility to act on the Tips, and any wins or losses that you may obtain from using such Tips to bet with independent gaming sites is for your sole account. We have no affiliation with any gaming site or any gambling operator.

3. Your responsibilities and registration obligations

In order to use RAEBET.com or certain parts of it, you may be required to register a user account on this web site; in this case, you agree to provide truthful information when requested, and undertake that you are aged at least the eighteen (18) or more. By registering, you explicitly agree to this site's terms of use, including any amendments made from time to time and are available here.

4. Privacy policy

RAEBET.com reserves the right to send customer newsletters that can contain advertising and some information from the sports industry to inform customers about news relating to the provided service or offer on a time-to-time basis.

Registration data and other personally-identifiable information that may be collected on this site is subject to the terms of the site's privacy policy. For more information about our privacy policy please refer to our privacy policy statement.

5. Commercial use

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6. Third-party services

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7. Indemnification

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless RAEBET.com and the site's affiliates, related parties, officers, directors, employees, agents, advertisers, partners, and co-branders, from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorney's fees, that may be made by any third party, due to or arising out of your conduct or connection with RAEBET.com or service, your provision of content, your violation of these terms of use, or any other violation of the rights of another person or party.

8. Limitation of liability

Any information made available by RAEBET.com is only for informational purposes and we are not responsible for any losses customers could incur as a result of using this information. RAEBET.com cannot be held responsible or liable for any customer’s loss whatsoever, either direct or indirect. This includes losses based fully or partly on the advices and products of RAEBET.com. You agree that, as with all speculative transactions, there is the chance of money being lost. By taking out a subscription or using the free content of RAEBET.com, you accept that all RAEBET.com advice is for informational purposes only and that RAEBET will take no responsibility for any losses incurred by you, the subscriber, as a direct result of acting upon received RAEBET information.

9. Reservation of rights

RAEBET.com reserves all it’s rights, including but not limited to any and all copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and any other proprietary right that. The use of RAEBET.com rights and property requires our prior written consent. By making services available to you, we are not providing you with any implied or express licenses or rights, and you will have no rights to make any commercial uses of RAEBET.com or service without the site editor's prior written consent.

10. Notification of copyright infringement

If you believe that your property has been used in any way that would be considered a copyright infringement or a violation of your intellectual property rights, you can contact us.

11. Amendments

RAEBET.com reserves the right to amend the terms of use at any time without prior notification. Please review these terms and conditions regularly to ensure you are aware of any changes made by RAEBET.com.